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Engineering Manager / Team Lead / Senior Android Engineer

2018 - Present

  • Led a global engineering team to develop and support the B/R apps and website, supporting millions of MAUs.

  • Fostered a robust and transparent product development cycle through close cross-functional coordination and planning, ensuring the team was able to achieve on-target delivery for over 90% of projects.

  • Selected to lead the production B/R mobile app team due to a proven track record of high-quality, on-time delivery through effective use of Agile methodologies, while also fostering growth opportunities for engineers.

  • Led a multi-platform team in adding deeply-integrated betting features to the B/R apps and website, enabling the successful execution of high-value partnerships with sportsbooks, driving over 6 million unique engagements.

  • Led the development of a sports pick’em game from concept to launch in just 8 months, made possible through close cross-functional coordination, attracting over one million players as a leading user engagement vehicle.

  • Implemented and enhanced features across the B/R Android app. Led an overhaul of Scores features, which increased engineering flexibility, resulting in future projects delivering in half of the originally planned time.

  • Led the organization’s transition from Java to Kotlin alongside introducing a new MVVM architecture. Performed tech talks and wrote documentation to onboard the team within a few months, improving developer experience while addressing existing architectural challenges, reducing development time on future features by up to 40%.

  • Led a team of Android engineers developing OTA Connected Vehicle features for the FordPass and Lincoln Way Android apps, supporting 20+ countries and dozens of region-specific requirements.

  • Established and guided a small team in designing a new app architecture to facilitate delivery of two distinct, global apps from a unified codebase using MVVM and Clean Architecture. Led onboarding of 80+ global engineers, through paired programming, tech talks, and traveling to India to develop and run an 2-week onboarding program.

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