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I like making games. These are many of those games


A dual effort with Greg Kozma, You Complete Me is a new snowman-building puzzle game. Guide 3 snowballs through treacherous levels which change their size to bring them together to make the perfect snowman.Currently there are 3 worlds with unique mechanics. Doors, catapults, ice ground, and more add new ways to affect the snowballs and add new difficulties in creating the perfect snowman. Development is currently on-hiatus but may be picked up eventually.

Winner of the Capital City Film Festival Game Contest 2016


Kerem B'Yavneh (Vineyard of Yavneh) is a currently in-development casual farming simulator made for learning Jewish history, calendar, and tradition. Players start from meager beginnings and grow their farm and family using  quests, a complex economy, festivals, and  many Jewish traditions like Peah and Shabbat. My involvement included gameplay programming as well as creating online community functionality for player competition, quizzes and challenges managed by teachers. I also performed a lot of platform testing, gameplay balancing, performance optimization, and playtest managing.​


Spin your way through several increasingly hostile parts of space and eat all the happy little asteroids you can. Shoot or avoid the bad asteroids, and you'll help the friendly planet grow bigger than ever!


Made for the Ludum Dare 34 Game Jam

Placed #4 in theme, #11 in Fun, and #41 Overall out of 1600+ entries


A game full of 150 blocks, over 50 levels, 3 time periods, 6 gamemodes, and tons of fun. You can be creative and build your own skyscraper or race against the clock to destroy a building in time. Featuring modes ranging from casual sandbox to find the bomb, players of all ages can explode and build to their heart's content. I led the team on this short project and creted the entire UI on top of developing the core systems for building and destroying.

Winner of the 2014 Media Sandbox Student Game Showcase Best of Show Award.


My capstone project in cooperation with Triquetra Games, this is the beginning of a vast bot creator and adventure game. With further development slated for later in 2015, our team was responsible for nailing-down the core systems for bot creation. In doing so, we created complex tools for precise customization, akin to 3D tools like Maya. Additionally. players can use resources they collect in the world to give parts special properties to allow them to explore the world more fully. I was primarily team lead, focusing on organization and production with the client. I also designed and implemented the UI.



A mixture between on-rails action and classic shoot-em-ups, you can compete for the high score in 4 fast paced levels and 4 hardcore versions. Ride the rails through the desert, caves, and mineshafts while fighting bats and snakes and doging rocks and signs. Fight a boss at the end of each level. Use focus mode and slow down time to win! My second game, and first with a relatively weak team, I focused on gameplay definition early on with my gameplay programmer. We also were able to create a relatively simple workflow to create some interesting and creative levels.


Mecha Trigger is a first person shooter with a twist: you type all of your commands to control your skyscraper-sized mech. Learn an in-depth command languange and create your own macros to wreak havok.  Destroy cities in the sky by fighting AI and other humans in online multiplayer or compete worldwide in challenge modes. Fully deck out your mech with tons of weapons, body parts, and paint jobs. Immerse yourself completely with the Oculus Rift!




Rock, Paper, Shotgun



Alpha Beta Gamer


Best of Show at GameDev@MSU Game Showcase

Featured at GDC 2015

Featured at DemoCamp Lansing

Honorable Mention in IGF 2015 Student Showcase


"A game inside a game inside a flashback inside a podcast inside an alternate timeline."

In an alternate 2015...One Vincent Caravella tries to play Hideo Kojima's first game after Metal Gear - 'Critical Crisis' - but house and family troubles have another thing in store for him.


Winner of the 9-day Giant Bomb Giant ROM 2 game jam.


Rock Paper Shotgun

Alpha Beta Gamer


Game Jam Curator


Grumpy Snowmen was originally created in 2012 as a fun game for alumni for the Michigan State Credit Union. You control Sparty, MSU's mascot and sling different sports balls at invading grumpy snowmen across campus while learning about the school's history. In classic slingshot fashion, you ramp up from simple balls to more advanced, multi-stage attacks. Featuring 24 levels, locations, 5 different types of balls, and online leaderboards, its fun for the whole family. I helped revamp UI, art, and added the new ball, the tennis ball, for its 2014 re-release as Grumpy Snowmen: Champions Edition.


Customize your car with new weapons, paint jobs, and trinkets then go and fight for your life in this intense combat racer. Featuring 8 unique levels ranging from snowy mountaintops to dry deserts, you'll have to avoid both obstacles in the world and attacks from your opponents. Choose your specific plan of attack and execute on it to win against the advanced AI. I developed the core gameplay systems and also designed and developed all of the levels.

Winner of the 2014 Media Sandbox Student Game Showcase People's Choice Award.​


Following the story of Jack McPayne, a man turned cyborg-ninja, YOLT is a wacky revenge-fueled platformer. Shoot and slice your way through 4 completely unique levels and finally fight Barnaby, the man who created you, to the death. Featuring wholly new art for each level, YOLD, my first game, was a large undertaking involving not only a lot of gameplay iteration, but also heavy art load and level design. While not wholly sucessful, partially due to the overscoped nature, the game turned out fun and interesting, and is my only game with a strong (yet silly) story. All around a good time!

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