I do some art for fun. You can see it in 3D on Sketchfab

Week 21 - First Encounter
Week 20 - Nick Valentine
Week 19 - Forgotten Island
Week 18 - Container Terminal
Week 17 - No Escape
Week 16 - Aerial Assault
Week 15 - Mortal Enemies
Week 14 - Beaumont Tower
Week 13 - Jungle Temple
Week 12 - Venom Sheep
Week 11 - Age of Ocelot
Week 10 - Above and Below
Week 9 - Journey from the East
Week 8 - Industry
Week 7 - Sad Swamp
Week 6 - Island Home
Week 5 - Drake Attack
Week 4: Lost Island
Week 3: Hot Sunrise
Week 2: Ramshackle house
Week 1: Medieval Market and Arena
You Complete Me
You Complete Me
Metal Gear Rex
Zinogre from Monster Hunter

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Week 12 - Venom Sheep

Since this week's work was halted by the release of Metal Gear Solid V, I decided to make the week's piece a tribute to the amazing and weird game. Yes the sheep is smoking a cigar, yes he has an eye patch, and yes he's being carried away by a balloon. Trust me, it doesn't make any more sense to me. See in 3D:

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