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I do mobile development both professionally and in my free time.


Bleacher Report lets you stay up to date with news, live games, and stats for your favorite sports teams. Integrating editorial content, social interaction, live alerts, and tons of stats, scores and details for all major sports leagues across dozens of sports.

I'm a Senior Android engineer on the Bleacher Report mobile app. My primary responsibilities cover the scores, stats, & live game portions of the app. I'm currently developing primarily in Kotlin, using an MVVM architecture. Most recently I've gotten the chance to experiment and integrate technologies such as Server Sent Events and Kotlin Coroutines.


FordPass and Lincoln Way are sister apps that provide vehicle and mobility-related features. Over the course of 2018, brand-new, overhauled versions of the app have been rolled out worldwide.

I was the lead Android engineer responsible for the architecture and foundational pieces of the new design. With a small team, we architected a codebase that could deliver not only FordPass and LincolnWay from one place, but also multiple regions with unique features for each app.

I was also a lead Android engineer on the team responsible for connected-vehicle features. These features are shown below and include remote start, lock/unlock, fuel, odometer, vehicle health alerts, etc.


Big Draw - Location Drawing App (pictured)

Big Draw is an Android application that allows the user to walk around in the real world with their phone out to draw on a canvas. Their phone is the paintbrush and they can change the width of the stroke by tilting the phone, and can choose from multiple colors. I was responsible for the GPS location and accelerometer usage to achieve the optimal drawing experience.


  • PinCrawl, an app to download any Pinterest user's pins/boards

  • An animation application in C++ that allows you to add picture elements and make keyframe-based animations with text bubbles.

  • A Gomoku game in C++ with rudimentary AI.

  • A fish tank simulator with feeding habits and fish AI.

  • A roll-a-ball game and simple first person shooter to learn Unity.

  • Can't say it's done yet, but the beginnings of an infinite runner with shooting elements and procedural content.


Find a Pet is a pet adoption app using the Petfinder API. You can follow along with the backlog on Pivotal Tracker.

The app has an ever-expanding list of features including pet search (with X animal types), filtering based on gender/age/size/breed, location-based search, distance calculation, pet details, shelter search, nearby shelter map

I'm solo developing this app to try new Android APIs, new Frameworks, and Kotlin. It's written in strong MVVM pattern with frameworks such as Architecture Components, Dagger 2, RxJava, Retrofit/SimpleXML, JUnit, Espresso, CircleCI.

The app is also all designed by me using Adobe XD.


For my Computer Science capstone project with Meijer, my team and I made an iOS application and website to explore the benefits and challenges of using iBeacon technology to display promotions to users walking around in a Meijer grocery store. The project took 4 months.

I was responsible for the implementation of the iOS app, which was written in C# using Xamarin. As the project was undertaken when iBeacons were pretty new, there were not many accessible mobile APIs to support their usage at the scale we were looking for. Therefore many of the technical challenges on the project were around acting on low-level Bluetooth signals in the Xamarin environment. 

The mobile application was supported by a robust and mobile friendly website for Meijer employees to manage product promotions that the iBeacons would send to the phones. Overall, it was a fairly complex system and was a good proof of concept that location-based product promotion can really work in the real world.

Our team won the Design Day Urban Science Sigma Award for best all-around Capstone Experience. You can also watch a fun video here to learn more about how our system works and read more about the project here.

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